Pierre Fabre Laboratories open their 15 000 plant library.

Let's explore the potential of plants for Life Sciences.

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Pierre Fabre's Expertise in Natural Products

  • Botany, agronomy & phytochemistry
  • Worldwide cultivation, sustainable development & supply network
  • Pilot capacities for extracts & natural products
  • Industrial FDA-certified facilities

Pierre Fabre's Plant Library is now open!

  • One of the world largest and valuable private plant library
  • 15,000 dry plant samples from 7,000 species
  • Compliance to international biodiversity access laws
  • High Throughput Screening formatted extract libraries

Our Open Innovation Initiative

  • A valuable plant library with large potential in Life Sciences
  • Applied to Human Health, Animal Health, Food, Agrochemistry
  • Pierre Fabre expertise from botany to FDA-certified production
  • Engagements for interactive relationship in a mutual benefit sharing

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Nature Open Library present at 18th Drug Discovery Leaders Summit, Berlin, 12-13 june 2017

Nature Open Library team will attend at 18th Annual Drug Discovery Summit and 5th Annual Discovery Chemistry and Drug Design Congress on the 12th and 13th June 2017, Berlin. Shall we meet there ?

March 2017: Partnership with the biotech company Setubio

Setubio will explore the plant collection made available by Pierre Fabre to develop new actives for infectious animal and human pathologies.

Phytochemical Society of Europe - Pierre Fabre Prizes 2017

Prizes were awarded to innovative research in the field of plant-derived bioactive natural products in Central Nervous System, Oncology and Dermatology.