Pierre Fabre Laboratories open their 15 000 plant library.

Let's explore the potential of plants for Life Sciences.

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Pierre Fabre's Expertise in Natural Products

  • Botany, agronomy & phytochemistry
  • Worldwide cultivation, sustainable development & supply network
  • Pilot capacities for extracts & natural products
  • Industrial FDA-certified facilities

Pierre Fabre's Plant Library is now open!

  • One of the world largest and valuable private plant library
  • 15,000 dry plant samples from 7,000 species
  • Compliance to international biodiversity access laws
  • High Throughput Screening formatted extract libraries

Our Open Innovation Initiative

  • A valuable plant library with large potential in Life Sciences
  • Applied to Human Health, Animal Health, Food, Agrochemistry
  • Pierre Fabre expertise from botany to FDA-certified production
  • Engagements for interactive relationship in a mutual benefit sharing

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Natural Fragment Library: a new open innovation initiative by Pierre Fabre

The extensive Pierre Fabre’s library of original molecular fragments isolated from plants is now available from Pierre Fabre and NovAliX.