Our Open Innovation Initiative

We trust in the potential of natural products for Life Sciences, in the value of our library and in our technological know-how.

Our goal is to give the opportunity to scientific actors (biotechs, pharmaceutical and food companies, academic labs, etc…) to discover innovative natural products.

Pierre Fabre extracts libraries will be supplied with the exclusivity within your research field. Any Foreground Intellectual Property obtained in the performance of the research will be your exclusive property.

Should the tests be conclusive, we would be pleased to propose you a dedicated collaborative or service partnership (supply, phytochemistry and manufacturing).

How does it work?

  • You can request the full library or a selection of plant extracts.
  • Just fill in registration form directly on this website. Once registered, you will be contacted on your scope of interest and on how we can help you. All confidential discussions are engaged under Confidential Disclosure Agreement.
  • Screening plates will be dispatched under Mutual Transfert Agreement at the earliest.