Pierre Fabre's Plant Library is now open!

To valorize the potential of natural products in Life Sciences, Pierre Fabre Laboratories wishe to share their plant natural extracts library and propose their expertises of the whole value chain.

Green house

Characterized by high botanical diversity (93% of the plant orders, 60% of the plant families) and sourced worldwide, our plant library is complying with regulations for protected species (respect of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and biodiversity accesses (Access and Benefit Sharing within the framework of the Rio Convention on Biodiversity and of the Nagoya International Protocol).

Our classification system allows rapid access to plant samples of interest (origin, legal status of use).



Three set of extracts are proposed, formatted in 384-well plates, ready for screening campaigns or bioassays (5 mg/mL in dimethyl sulfoxide, freeze conditions).
1- Generic extracts (cover the largest chemical diversity).
2- Hydro alcoholic extracts (valuable for mimic the therapeutic potential of edible or pharmacopeia part of plants).
3- Alkaloid extracts (easier isolation of bioactive compounds).

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