Natural Fragment Library: a new open innovation initiative by Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre Laboratories and NovAliX signed a partnership to make the Pierre Fabre “Natural Fragment Library” (NFL) available to biophysical screenings. NovAliX is an international partner specialized in drug discovery and biophysics based screening services. This cooperation will allow NovAliX to offer its clients (pharmaceutical laboratories, institutions or companies in biotech sector) access to Pierre Fabre NFL in their screening campaigns. 
Indeed, Pierre Fabre is home to an extensive library of original fragments isolated from their plant collection. Each of these molecules with its unique three-dimensional structure represents an opportunity for developing innovative new drugs.
The particularly vast chemical space covered by these natural fragments offers unique prospects for discoveries. The physicochemical properties of these natural molecules make them highly soluble and facilitate specific interaction with targeted proteins.
Pierre Fabre Laboratories will help to supply fragments and natural derivatives, from field to factory, ensure plant to fragment traceability in strict compliance to the national biodiversity access laws.
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